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Angela Dirksen

Actress    Comedian    Writer    Producer 

Brassy, earthy and loyal... With a spark of mischief

"She is the definition of comic genius."


"A reminder that perfection comes in all shapes and sizes."

~Broadway World~

"Angela Dirksen wraps these messages in humor."

~New York Times~

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Current Projects

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Reels/Videos & PR

WINNER of Best Comedy Short 2022! 

My holiday gift to you from me!

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Laura Walsh - Theatrical

Tel: 818-557-8284
1023 N. Hollywood Way
Burbank, CA 91505    

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Jennifer York - Commercial

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A little fun that’s not on my rez…

I am a certified zombie survivalist. Seriously. I took an online, 6-week course from UC Irvine and at the end I got a fancy certificate saying I’ll survive the apocalypse, so it must be true! I tell my friends, it would be wise for them to stay on my good side or I’ll push them into the zombies as I run in the other direction! (Survival skills 101)

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