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Teaching and Directing young artists Musical Theatre & Acting for stage & film for over 20 years

Angela Dirksen

I have been teaching aspiring young artists Theatre and Improv for over 20 years. I truly believe that there is a place for EVEYONE in theatre. Not every artists wants to be a performer. Some want to perform, some want to build sets, some want to run lights and stage manage. My program allows each artist the opportunity to explore all aspects of the theatre world.

My mission is to allow young artists the opportunity to discover their gifts and reinforce their curiosity so they thrive and grow.


Beehive the 60's Muscial

I created the theatre program at Camp Chenawa in 2007. I wanted a program that would allow each camper the opportunity to do what they wanted to do. The cast had 58 actresses and 10 assistant directors

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In 2008, I returned to Camp Chenawa and Camp Baco to direct, & choreograph Seussical the Musical. The cast had 48 actresses, 15 assistant directors

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